She had always been a city girl. She has so many many high heels you wouldn’t believe 🙈. Never thought she was missing out on anything for not loving the Outdoors. She was happy in her world made of concrete, suits and high buildings. But in the last few months she fell in love with the outdoors, she fell in love with New Zealand after living here for 5 years. It’s like a whole new world that opened up to her, like a beautiful awakening. She, that city gal that didn’t like to repeat same shoes too many times has now been in her red hiking boots repeatedly more than in any of her heels. Always looked for where were the best malls in any new places, and now her first thought is to find where are the tracks to the most beautiful views (of course the ones she can do, as she’s a beginner – and she’s getting good at it). Might sound really silly, and she can’t explain how exciting this is for her. But it’s a whole new her, and I love her more than ever.

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